Transforming your life really is possible

Admit it, you’ve googled ‘How to Manifest’, read multiple mindset books or have stalked successful people that are living the life of luxury, who say they ‘manifest it’ and you’re wondering how on earth they did it!

Well I know I used to do this!

So what changed? How did I become the powerful manifestor that I am today? What was it that fired my inner spark, that flipped the switch from me feeling so confused and stuck to feeling lucky, magic and rich! How did I pick myself up when my life had hit complete rock bottom and my business had plummeted?

Well let me tell you! I have spent over 7 years searching for the secret, trying so many different programmes. I ended up more confused and frustrated because nothing was working! That is when I asked for a sign from the universe and gosh did it deliver! This is when this incredibly powerful mindset porgramme came along! I KNEW it was my intuiton telling me this is something I need to do, that this is going to be the programme that changes everything!

I trusted my intuition and leapt feet in first, I learnt exactly how the mind works and how to implement these tools to create huge success. It truly was all of the tools that I needed for me to understand what I kept missing. So many other programmes in my personal experience give you a little bit, then make you figure the rest out for yourself. This was different, it’s a step by step PROVEN system so I knew exactly what I had to do!

Achieving your goals and living your dream life is a lot simpler than you think!

I hate to be the one to say it, but whatever you’ve tried and tested before hasn’t given you the results you want, otherwise you wouldn’t be here with me right now! My programme is everything you’ve been searching for and is the only programme you will ever need when it comes to manifesting your dream life. 

This programme not only promises, but so long as you commit to yourself, guarantees you life transformational changes! Quit the heavy road of searching for more and begin your journey to success. 

Investing in yourself  can feel a little scary, but if you’re afraid of ever trying something new, investing in yourself or stepping out of your comfort zone; then its likely you’ll never experience the success you truly deserve!

You’ve been guided here, your intuition told you to click on this page for a reason. Now trust your inner guidance system! My team and I are here to guide and support you, but you must show up for yourself! Take that leap of faith and experience all the magic for yourself that is on the other side of fear! 

Do you relate to any of the following?


Your life feels stagnant, you've been watching other successful manifesters have the freedom to live their dream lives, but it just isn't clicking for YOU.


You feel stuck, continuously getting the same results and you're uncertain about what you're "supposed" to be doing with your life.


You’re so damn tired of wondering if what you’re doing is actually working. You're burnt out, work so hard and have little to show for it.


You're sick of living the same boring year over and over again.


You're letting fear hold you back from taking the steps you need to, in order to live the life you dream of.


Yet still, you have an inner knowing that everything is going to be amazing, even through things aren't right now. There is an inner voice, pushing you to take action, to have faith and to trust the process.


Thinking Into Results will sky rocket your life beyond your wildest imagination!

“This has been like watching magic happen! My goals seemed absolutely ludicrous at the time, however I maintained faith and followed the principles in TIR and successfully hit my business goal of £150,000 two months ahead of deadline. On the same day, I hit my personal monthly goal of over £10,000 a month which wasn’t entirely related to the business!”


I’m actually being the Samantha that I need to be to achieve my goal! I’ve turned my annual income into my monthly income. In 9 months I have been able to do more drawings and commissions than I have ever done in my previous 8 years of business. I feel like a new person… mind blowing!


“I have been doing TIR for just 3 weeks now and one of my main goals is to be a Money magnet and financially flourishing. Money was such a block in my mind but Not anymore! My husband and I were RANDOMLY GIFTED a lump sum of money which means we can now get a brand new bathroom and fully landscape our garden!!”


I am a completely different person since joining this incredible tribe of phenomenal positive thinkers. I am happier, healthier, excited about my future, wealthier and making life changing decisions to create an incredible life for my family. I have manifested 2 ALL expenses paid holiday for my family of 5, my first £10,000 a month income coming from a variety of sources and SO much more!


Benefits of the Programme…

Thinking Into Results is a one of a kind, 6 month programme based on over 50 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievements. Hosted by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher and coached by Melanie Young, PGI Certified consultant and expert in manifestation and mindset. 

This transformational programme has been intentionally created to ensure that you adopt a mindset which produces lifelong success in every area of your life. Unlike most programmes, Thinking Into Results provides ALL the manifestation techniques and success strategies you will ever need, to produce fundamental shifts on both a subconscious and conscious level, allowing you to see huge, permanent changes in both your mindset and results. 

The programme includes full access to Bob Proctor’s number one proven success system and is presented in 12 easy to digest, powerful lessons. You’ll gain lifetime access including a full participants guide for you to immediately apply your knowledge to your real life scenarios to enable explosive breakthroughs. The materials are available in 5 different languages, and are available to download and also listen to as an audio.

On top of this, each week I will help deepen your understanding and further develop your awareness by hosting an incredibly powerful live, interactive Q&A Call, coaching you through the Thinking Into Results material. 
Just imagine how supported you will feel attending weekly calls which are hosted by a manifestation expert, who has been personally mentored by Bob Proctor. These Q&A Calls will aid with reprogramming your mind to literally sky rocket your results! 
Rather than instantaneously throwing you straight into the programme with loads of material, you are invited to join a Getting Started Call, where my Lead Coach will provide you with all the information you need for the next 6 months and answer any questions you have.

In addition to the TRANSFORMATIONAL, scientifically based proven content, you also have access to: 

Support throughout your 6 months with your Dedicated Success Coach

Weekday Morning Study Calls

Whatsapp Support Group

1:1 Accountability Buddy

Weekly Q&A Calls

Accountability Group

Weekly Live Book Club Sessions

TIR Facebook Group (private community)


Everything you will ever need to manifest your dream reality, all in one place.



I have been working on my mindset and personal development for 3 and a half years and I can honestly say I didn’t truly ‘get it’ until I started TIR.

My income started to grow the month after starting and more importantly my self belief has grown and this is what’s going to get me to my bigger goals!

The way everything is done step by step in such a simple manner is incredible and I’m so glad I decided to go for it as I feel it’s opened up so much for me!

I truly believe now I can do anything I put my mind too, I manifested the money to pay for it just like Melanie said when I watched her first video (the money will come she said) and it did!!

I’ve been able to get more money to buy a house when I thought I was going to have to settle for something I didn’t really want and that wasn’t suitable!

I’ve absolutely loved doing the course and it 100% works if you give it everything and follow the support from Melanie and her team!


I used to be such a negative person and had a lot of anxieties. I’ve always been fascinated in the universe & read lots of books. However always got stuck and nothing ever really changed!

I originally let my money paradigms take over and I said no, yet everything inside of me was telling me to sign up. I realised that this wasn’t an expense, this was an investment in me; so I took a leap of faith & said yes!

Less than a week later I received an unexpected gift and manifested the price back!

I set my goal to be able to leave my job, to have time freedom being a mindset coach. I had NO idea how this would happen!! How was I, a 23 year old, with literally no savings, no confidence in herself and a tiny social media following ever going to become a successful business woman?But I maintained faith and followed the lessons.

I have recently received an incredible opportunity from Melanie which has put me in the position to resign from my 9-5 and officially live my dream life!

All of this has happened within 6 months!

Along the way, so many other positives have happened too. My income has drastically increased, I live an abundant life and am so financially supported by the universe.

My overall happiness has drastically improved, I’m so much calmer and don’t let silly situations upset / anger me, like I used to. I’m learning to love & believe in myself. I’m confident in the person that I am and no longer let other people’s opinions effect me like I used to. My self worth has massively increased and I truly believe I’m worthy of everything I desire.

This programme has completely changed my life and I’m beyond grateful for it! The support received is insane!

For anyone wanting to improve their mindset, achieve huge things in their business or personal life or are currently on the fence about signing up, please don’t even hesitate; just do it!! Stop letting your limiting beliefs and paradigms take over! The money you can manifest and the life you can live will make the signing up cost seem like pennies!!

Looking back at the fact that I originally said no is horrific. Imagine, if I hadn’t of said yes!! None of this would be possible, I’d still be living a basic life, just simply dreaming and not being truly happy.


I have always been quite a skeptical person when it comes to the power of thought, however since doing TIR my awareness has opened massively in what I see and how I view deep various aspects of my life.

Since starting TIR my possibilities in life are endless.

Everything and anything in my life I truly now believe is achievable.

The effects of the programme are evident in my day to day life, my daily activities, my work and my appreciation and understanding of money.

I respond so differently now to negative situations in a much more positive way and the results from that are astounding.

I feel unstoppable knowing that anything and everything is in reach.

Without this programme I don’t know where I would be and I’m so grateful! Thank you!


I am blown away by the impact the Thinking into Results programme is having on my life.

To rewind a little, I listened to Melanie’s 3 day masterclass and was so inspired! I enquired about the TIR programme and initially said no. I just had such a block and couldn’t bring myself to invest in myself, I had a huge battle going on in my mind around money “I can’t afford this”. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about the programme, it was driving me crazy. I knew in my heart that I had to do it.

Wow – I am so grateful I made the decision!

In the month of January (my first month starting the programme) I progressed 4 pin titles within my network marketing business. I believed, I trusted in the process and I got stuck into the programme right away with everything I had and I can honestly tell you – it works.

I can’t thank Melanie enough for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and for her team taking the time to speak with me and help me unlock my potential.

My advise? Just go for it

“Everything good in life is on the other side of fear”


I’ve been into personal development for nearly a decade and although the knowledge I learnt was incredible I still found that my results were not as desirable as I would have liked them.

I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong until I did Thinking into results program and the lesson on the “knowing doing gap” was all the answers revealed.

My life since doing this program has gone from a 10 to 1000 and it’s only getting better.

From suicidal and struggling financially to feeling super grateful, full filled and loving, with my business’ annual income turning into my monthly income! WOW!

I still am in awe and it’s thanks to this incredible, ingenious and magical program.

I made the decision to do it, even though I couldnt afford it in the first place, but the universe starting to bring abundance from all areas to make it possible.

My only one wish, is I wish I would have starter it sooner. I have it for life now and it’s the best personal growth program I’ve ever done.


I just wanted to share a little win that I’ve had. I have just manifested the full cost of the TIR programme in less than 2 weeks of being on the course!

I have had a number of other non-monetary wins over the last week or so as well. This course is amazing!


On the 5th May, I had my initial conversation about signing up to the TIR programme with Melanie’s team. I already knew I wanted to do this as had reached out to Melanie about a week before with my interest.  I was terrified when I was told the cost, put the phone down to one of her team only to call her five minutes later to sign up. I didn’t know where I would magic up the amount up from as hadn’t budgeted for it, but threw caution to the wind and put it on my credit card.

I hadn’t given it a second thought since or worried about it. I just knew, my gut just screamed that it was the right call. On Friday 14th May, I received an email to advise I will be receiving an unexpected windfall of money which covers the entire cost of this programme and another professional course I’m currently studying. Literally 7 business days after signing up. Thank you god! Thank you universe. You really move in ways that are greater than I can explain. For anyone thinking about doing this programme, your life will change instantly if you believe. Love and light to you all xxx



dream believe achieve


Come along on the journey and dream believe and achive together….